[Gradebook] Please allow sorting of students by first name in gradebook, as they are displayed.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Sorting students by first name in the gradebook would be an extremely useful feature. Thanks.

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Yes! This is a must have!  

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I want to sort by first name and also have it show on screen sorted alphabetical by first name.  I can sort by first name but on the screen it still shows last name first instead of first name then last name.  grade by first name and not last name so showing first name then last name in that order would be very helpful.  

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I was able to display student names as first name, last name, but when I click on 'sort by name' it still sorts by the last name rather than the first.

This would be a very useful feature. At the start of the year, it's easier to find names in the gradebook when they're sorted by first name.  I also work frequently in OneNote which sorts by first name and have my SIS configured to sort by first name.

Thank you.

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Please update canvas so teachers can sort the grade book & attendance by first name. I don't think of my students by last name - I prioritize learning as many first names as I can. Taking attendance usually helps me do that, but with it only sorting by last name on canvas, it's not helpful. Likewise, in the gradebook, going by first name would be so helpful. I can have it list first names first, but it still sorts ABC by last name. It's a real deterrent to good pedagogy and making it so I don't want to use canvas :(, which is new at my university this semester. 

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Is there a way to sort the students in the grade book by the first name?

That would be an amazing addition!


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Sometimes other programs only give student lists by first name with no other sorting option (code.org lists, khan academy lists, Microsoft Teams attendance lists, etc.). Canvas clearly has fields for first and last name, unlike some of these other websites that sometimes only have one field for student names. It would be SUPER easy for Canvas to add that feature.

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I also would like this option for the reasons listed above. Sometimes I am given data sorted by first name (that I am unable to sort). It would be nice if I could change up the gradebook while inputting that data, especially for my classes with many students.

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Display by first name is NOT the same as sort by first name - we have instructors asking for this. This is our first full semester with Canvas. In general EVERY column displayed in Canvas to either instructors or Admins should have an A-Z sort button at the top of it that can be clicked to sort and reverse sort on that field.....

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This is a start... now make that first name column sortable....

"Allow gradebook users to view and export student first and last names in separate columns"

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Right now the Gradebook sort by name will sort students by surname -- but it would be MUCH more helpful to me to sort by first name. Can that be added as an option?