[Groups] Showing at least one group membership column on the People page.

On this page "https://sjsu.instructure.com/courses/<course_id>/users" add a column (or columns) to show which group a student has been assigned to.

At the moment we have:

Name, Login ID, SIS ID, Section, Role, Last Activity, Total Activity.  

My suggestion is to append columns to the table, one for each group set, showing which group the student belongs.

An added feature would be to allow sorting of the list by any of the columns. 

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So this idea was added more than 1 1/2 years ago in Feb. of 2018.  It's now October 2019.  Is there any forward progress in this?  It is seriously tedious and annoying for students to scroll through hundreds of groups (150 students in pairs for several assignments in a quarter) to sign up.  In addition, my 6th period must scroll through all 2-5th periods to get to theirs.  It's almost non-usable, but necessary for easier and faster grading.

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I agree. Getting students to sign up for groups is almost impossible with a class of 400 students who work in several different groups throughout the semester. The functionality of the groups, otherwise, is very, very helpful and I would like to be able to continue using this function. Is there a timeline for making this happen?

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I want to echo this - we have courses of up to 800 students and multiple group assignments in changing group compositions. The current view is horrible for students.

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As a student, I can definitely say that the current user experience is terrible and also unintuitive. The current solution: having to wait for results to show up while staring at a blank screen without a loading icon, is far from innovative.

The solution with tabs, similar to what teaching staff already has, would make the user experience much better.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. As it moves forward for conversation, please note that the second idea included at the end of the description is currently the topic of discussion over at Sort Students in People List: Course .

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It's 2020 and students still need to scroll through long lists of multiple groups to find or sign up for groups. Please put them in tabs like the instructor view. Thank you:)

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I'd like to suggest that students be given the opportunity to view, in People, Group Sets organised in tabs, just like instructors.  In my large class, which I jointly teach with other academics, I recently established a group set, entitled 'Video Assignment'.  There were several assignments preceding this one that were set by my colleagues.  Since Canvas sorts the groups alphabetically, in order to self select their group members for my assignment, students must scroll down a very, very long list of groups before they reach mine.  Clearly, this is sub-optimal, and actually quite frustrating for the students.

May I suggest that this be addressed as soon as possible, as this significantly impairs student functionality in People > Groups.


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This is still an issue folks!  I field emails from students who have difficulty finding groups in long lists.  Even the long lists do not seem to be rationally ordered.  You've obviously got the code (for us teachers) so this shouldn't be a big deal to fix...

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2021 And it is still very much annoying! The students wonder why they can't have the same view as the teachers? The group tabs are there in teachers interface, why not in the students? Doesn't make any sense. 

If I as a teacher could be able to hide different group tabs to make it easier for students to find the current group setting that would also be helpful. I don't necessarily want to delete every group tab but now I often do to make it easier for the students, to not scroll down in eternity. 

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Students need access to the Group Sets (Tabs for organization) so they can see each set of groups separately for each assignment:
My students cannot Find the correct groups to join. Since they can only see a very long list of groups, and can't sort by Group Set/Tab instead of group name, my students cannot find the appropriate 3 groups in a list of 80+ (Course with 40 students, 1 Groups assignment, and 2 Pairs assignments). 
The Group Sets Tabs that are visible to instructors need to be accessible to students so they can navigate around many groups in different sets for different assignments.
Instructor View with Group Sets Tabs:


Student View with List, Group Sets Tabs Missing: