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I know this has been requested before, but PLEASE resurrect it!  I teach anatomy-based courses and I really need this question type.  Similar types are used on national board exams in many professions.  Our campus is currently deciding between Blackboard and Canvas, and, I have to say, the lack of hotspot question types is the closest thing I have to a deal breaker.  I really like many of the Canvas features, but I NEED this question type to be available to me.


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I might write-in 'hot-spot question type' on my presidential election ballot. I'm willing to drive people to the polls . . .

Glad this feature request is back from the dead (again). andersonshar

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Community Coach

This is great news! This question type is used on certification exams for some of the specialty track programs that I work with and they are constantly asking for this. I will definitely be passing this around so they can vote on it once it opens.

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Thanks, Matthew! I hope we can drum up a following this time. I didn’t even know about the past votes. This really is a crucial question type for me.

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This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. February 3, 2016 - Wed. May 4, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works! Smiley Wink

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andersonshar​ - it's open for voting now...let's get people voting!


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This question type is very useful for foreign language vocabulary content.

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Please spread the word!  We need votes!

Thanks for commenting and voting!

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 @kammerj ​ Please vote for this with me and send the link on to anyone else who might be interested! 


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I'm spreading the word!! Smiley Happy