[Inbox] Schedule a message in inbox

As an instructor, it would be really great if I could write a message to my students in inbox, and schedule it to send at a later time. I love this feature in gmail, and would like to see it here as well. 

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This would be really helpful for me.  I send messages later in email all of the time and have had several instances when I wish I could schedule a message.  I would rather not send message during school hours when the kids should be working, but don't want to forget once school is out and I have to go to IEP, club meetings, and sports events. 

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I would love to be able to schedule messages, like a message for my club members when there's an event or a reminder to students the day before an essay is due. To be able to set these up to go out on the day of my choosing would be amazing!

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As a student, this will be a really great feature to add. I could be able to schedule messages to be sent to my professors on Monday morning, for example when I conduct a message during the weekend. I think this will also make work more efficient for me as I don't have to wait a certain time to be able to send a message (especially with respect to work hours as I work in the night), and responses can come in quicker as well.

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A schedule to send button would be helpful to allow teachers to send messages not at the exact time they compose the message. 

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I want to be able to schedule an Inbox email the way I can schedule an announcement. Or, I’d like the option to be able to schedule an announcement for certain students, not an entire section. Either one would work. Sometimes I’m working and need to message a student, but it’s not an appropriate time because I might be working in the middle of the night! I wish I could compose my Inbox message right then when I'm thinking about it, and then schedule it to go out at a more appropriate time. If this can't be done for Inbox, then another good solution would be to add the option to schedule private Announcements instead of the current options of Everyone or by Section. 

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Scheduling when to send an inbox message would be helpful for me as well. I often like to set an announcement to go out Monday morning, and it would be nice to be able to schedule a follow-up inbox reminder to go out as well. For example, I want to send my students an inbox message for them to see Monday morning, but I'll be administering a state test, so I'd like to be able to write the message on Friday afternoon and set it to be sent Monday morning while I'm away from my computer. 

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Please add the delay send feature that is available in class announcements to messaging.  I want to be able to message my students in my classes on a delay.





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As a high school teacher and community college instructor (now also a grad student again after 30 years of already having one MA), this would be SUCH a time saver. Considering that the inbox serves as another form of email, with the added benefit of being in the LMS that our students already have to get into to engage with the course content, having this feature would just bring Canvas' inbox to the level of utility that we are used to having with other email setups. Students can sort of avoid email, but they can't avoid Canvas inbox. Please bring this feature to implementation!

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It would be highly useful to be able to schedule a release--including a repeated release--of a message reminding students to do some needful thing such as sign up for a tutorial before it is too late.