Increase the number of questions supported by the Quiz Statistics function

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Here is my idea.


The Quiz Statistics function currently supports up to 100 questions per quiz. For a quiz that has more than 100 questions, the analytic tool would stop working. I have spent hours to figure out this limitation.


Please lift the limit to 200 or more and put a note of the limitation.


The visualized report is different from the one (Item Analysis) that I have to download to Excel. There is NO Discrimination Index in the downloaded Excel file.


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This idea was completed with general availability of Quizzes.Next.  You can find more information about the overall project in the Quizzes.Next User Group.‌

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We have faculty requesting this increase, as well as a definite need for analysis of other question types, such as matching, fill in the blank and calculated numeric data types. This is an important need as we move to more and more assessment data requests from accrediting bodies.

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Not being able to easily access Quiz Statistics is very frustrating for our instructors. Having to download them into an Excel file just adds extra steps that can be confusing, and the downloaded files are difficult to decipher. This is not a good option for instructors.

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A Bioinformatics professor at Stanford was very disappointed that quiz statistics did not render for his 140 question midterm. He had this to say about the importance of the statistics feature:

"It’s quite important:  I can sometimes find questions that are problematic and should be thrown away if many students got them wrong, I can also find questions where my answer key was just wrong because of a typo, and then get it all right.  Without that, electronic grading is no better than paper!"

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Instructure Alumni

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We just ran into this this week. We didn't realize you can only pull the item analysis for T/F and matching Smiley Sad

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Is this already being addressed in the Modern Quizzing Engine?

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Instructure Alumni

Quiz statistics in the Modern Quizzing Engine​ will be far more scalable. This is a known issue we intend to address.


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Have there been any updates to this issue? 

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Community Team

This idea was moved from Under Consideration stage (no longer in use) to the Product Radar stage.  

This change was made as part of a feature idea process evolution.  Find more information, and contribute insights, by joining Focus Group: DRAFT Feature Idea Space

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Community Team
This idea has been developed and is On Canvas Beta Quizzes LTI User Group 


This feature is now available through the new Quizzes LTI tool.  Find more information on the Quizzes LTI tool, and how to access it, at Quizzes LTI User Group 

The specific guide for this feature in the Quizzes LTI tool is How do I view reports for an assessment in the Quizzes LTI?