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I use my browser Canvas to create content, but I rely on the Teacher app to access the content for my courses when I'm in the classroom or otherwise away from my desk.  The Canvas features I need most are the files (syllabus and aids), the Attendance taker, and the Calendar (to look at upcoming deadlines or activities).  

   At this point the only feature that I cannot access via the app is the access to the Calendar.  

Wouldn't that be nice?

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yes please. I was hoping for this too!

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This really needs to be updated! Also when its added make sure the ability to add appointments is in there too!

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Yes, I would love that.  Students can see the calendar in the student version of the app, but teachers cannot.


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I would also VOTE to see the course Calendar features in the Teacher mobile app. For me, this is the weak point in the Teacher app. I develop all of my content in a web browser ... but on-the-go sometimes I need to be able to see due dates (what the Student mobile app can view, I suppose). Since I teach five courses, obviously I will need to be able to select/toggle between course calendars. 

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While I agree that the app should be self enclosed, I downloaded the Microsoft exchange app and added the calendar there. This will keep my Canvas and personal calendars separate, and I am trying this now for the first time.

Another workaround in the teacher app is to click on the syllabus in the course menu on the app. Even if you do not use the built in syllabus tool, the tool automagically generates an outline from the Canvas calendar, so you get a list of assignments and events with due dates. 

Hey, maybe that helps someone until we can get a proper built in calendar on the teacher app. 

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I am all for this development.  It is startling that students have a calendar view, but professors do not.  You really need an easy way to check from home on who is coming to office hours the following day.  Also, you need to be able easily to set up and/or cancel special appointments, often from places other than the office.

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Hi Everyone!

I can see 27 comments altogether and only 10 votes (including me) .

You need to upvote the idea, you need to click on the stars >  ️ so that your vote is actually counted!

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Yes, this is a needed improvement to allow faculty more flexibility in using the Canvas app.

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Yes please! I use calendar for office hours and it would be nice to see if students have signed up from my phone.