[Modules] Accurate Breadcrumb Trail in Modules

It would be great if the breadcrumb trail would follow your navigation correctly when you are working in modules rather than switching to "page", "discussions", "assignments" or whatever you click on. Would it be possible to add a "modules" breadcrumb?

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Well put  @john_hollenbeck ‌ - find the decision not to act on this extraordinarily complacent.

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It would be FANTASTIC to have the name of the Module in the breadcrumb. So if a student is in Module 1, it's says [COURSE_NAME] > Module 1: Blah blah blah > [PAGE_NAME]. Even if we had to truncate the Module name and Page name after a certain number of characters.

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Couldn't agree more strongly. It's a UX bug.  A failure to present things as they are to the user for the tradeoff of, what, presenting the file directory structure that only the developers need.

The original post asks for a Modules breadcrumb.  A nice to have.  The ensuing discussion has called this out as a UX problem and, I believe, an Accessibility issue. It's presented as primary navigation at the top of the page, and it's completely W-R-O-N-G about how the user arrived at the page.  And, if the instructor has hidden the nested tool (see below), the student not only sees inaccurate information, the student is then taken to the wrong page -- Home -- for no apparent reason and with no explanation.

The original Idea post identifies this problem as it arises when an instructor chooses to hide the Pages or Discussions or Files (etc.) link from the site navigation.  This instructor has taken extra effort to try to minimize distraction and unnecessary cognitive load for their students.  This instructor is a champion of using the LMS to efficiently, effectively, even elegantly present content in context using Modules. This implementation of breadcrumbs undermines their efforts.

Passionate educators are writing javascript and css to hide fix the problem.  Of course, unauthorized code sets us up for unanticipated trouble down the line. 

Canvas has failed to fix this after three and a half years. Why?

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I remain in awe of a software company that treats basic expected computer function as something to vote on. Why don't you sit with my users sometime and explain why breadcrumbs that provide clear return paths in every other piece of software don't in yours? They think I'm kidding.

Then there's Previous and Next on the bottom of page only. But that's another thread probably not getting enough votes, along with the one about nesting folders.


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Problem with breadcrumbs are significantly impacting he usability and accessibility of Canvas Smiley Sad

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OMG -- YES!   This is my biggest pet peeve as I'm building new modules!  

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Yes! We had heaps of higher ed students complain they had to click the back arrow instead of using breadcrumbs to go back to a specific point 

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I use modules to organize all the student assignments/quizzes/etc. When I click on a Module and then select the assignment I wish to edit, and would like to go back one click to the module where I have everything, the link in the upper left side doesn't "go back" to where I just came from, it links back to the assignments page, which is not where I want or need to go. I'd like to simply click up on my navigation tree. After getting into an assignment and making edits, clicking the back arrow on my canvas browser doesn't take me back to my Module, it takes me back to the edit mode or what ever else I was doing page, by page before. 

My students must get to the assignment through the module. In my screen shot, it is indeed the method I used to get to the particular assignment, however if you'll notice in the tree, if I try to follow the breadcrumb link back, it takes me to my assignments list, not back to the module. Can you please make the linking follow the path as to where we actually came from?

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I use modules for my content.  As I move through the module I see the pages, assignments, and quizzes I've included in the module.  It would be nice to be able to see the name of the module these items are in while double-checking them.  Does that make sense?

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My colleagues and I have just come across this issue and are astounded that this basic navigation option is not something already implemented.

Regardless of the term you use, a user should know where they are within the content hierarchy, and be able to non-linearlly move between areas.

Blackboard, Moodle and pretty much every other LMS have this as basic functionality - why on earth is Canvas not doing so?

It will absolutely have an impact on learner experience, as the current 'flat' navigation is uncessarily burdensome and introduces a lot of extra work that should not be in an LMS in 2020.

Canvas needs to implement far, far better navigation options if they want to continue to position themselves as current and relevant.