[New Quizzes] Allow partial credit for fill-in-the-blank questions

This is a really helpful feature for language teachers, perhaps others. I've seen this suggested for multiple choice, but not for fill-ins.


I teach Spanish; we rely heavily on fill-in-the blanks. It would be nice if we could give partial credit for missing accent marks or tildes. For example, on a days of the week quiz, the student has to write miércoles in the blank:


93799_Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.18.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-08-28 at 2.18.00 PM.png


But what if I want to give half credit for "miercoles", with the missing accent mark? I know that several students will fail to put the accent mark. As it is now, my choices are to:

a) go through and hand-grade each of the question #1s, giving them half a point.

b) add miercoles (no accent) as an additional answer, for full credit (no language teacher would want to do this!)

c) take the all-or-nothing stance and not allow credit for missing accent marks.


Wouldn't it be great to be able to do this?


miércoles - 1 point

miercoles - .5            (or 50%)


As a language teacher, there are lots of times in which I'd like to offer partial credit, and I'm sure others could benefit from it as well. It's not unheard of in the world of learning platforms!


You could also do a predictable WRONG answer with this, giving 0% credit and giving a reason for it being wrong, if this capability were written in.

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I completely agree! I spend a lot of time going back and re-grading fill in the blank answers to give back partial credit for accents in Spanish. I'm surprised this was submitted in 2015 and is still not an option 3 years later!

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Great idea. I'm surprised that partial credit for FIB type questions isn't a current feature.

Wow, vote this up!

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Please also allow for partial credit with multiple answer questions.

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I would like this for physics answers where I request significant figures and units.  I can have  list of 10 answers where only s couple get full credit.  With 100 students taking the quiz it is easier to have it automatic.

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It is just a disappointment to come from D2L and have to go with something that has less features in there quizzes.

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There is partial credit in Fill in the Blank questions in New Quizzes. The student got 1/3 on this question since there are 3 blanks and 2 are incorrect.

Partial credit

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Hello Kevin.  The prior versions in other places would have allowed you to put the following for the second answer: -11 1pt, 4 0.5 points.  What this does is allow partial credit for better incorrect responses.  In physics I might have an answer that should be 2 significant figures and it needs units.  Thus I might have a lot of partial credit answers

20. N   1pt

2.0X10^1 N 1pt

20 N 0.75 pts

20    0.25 pts

19.8 N 0.75 pts

19 N 0.5 pts

20. Newtons   1pt

2.0X10^1 Newtons 1pt

20 Newtons 0.75 pts

20    0.25 pts

19.8 Newtons 0.75 pts

19 Newtons 0.5 pts

This allows a student to quickly be graded on multiple items.  I think this thread is about giving partial credit to a single fill-in-the blank, not the multiple fill in the blanks each getting graded separately.

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As a math teacher, we face some of the same issues as language when it comes to syntax.  Exact answers have to be, well, exact.  For students to get immediate feedback on their responses, I need questions that can be auto graded so essay questions are not really an option.  Fill-in-the-blank questions allows for free response but x^2 is not the same thing as x2.  sqrt(2) is not the same as 1.41 or 1.414 or 1.4142.  Being able to attach a feedback comment for common mistakes speeds up learning for just-in-time teaching as well as giving partial credit for students who are approaching standards.  For formative assessments, I use a question group and allow retakes so students can learn the syntax and avoid common mistakes before the summative assessment.

Based on how new quizzes multiple choice questions handles this issue, I see 'vary points by answer' with teacher comment boxes available as one possible solution.  Fully implementing this idea cannot come soon enough.  With COVID19 still having an impact on teaching this next school year, my district has gone K-12 with Canvas.  We need to support student learning whenever and however possible.

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What about simply having a percentage option (0-100) for Correctness and Participation. I think that would cover a lot of situations for many people and be a more flexible feature for awarding partial credit.

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This seems like a great idea to me!