[New Quizzes] Attached questions stay fixed to stimulus in item bank

What I want to be able to do is attach questions to a stimulus, then create an item bank of the stimuli with the associated questions fixed to each specific stimuli, to randomise the questions. This feature would really provide more robust, deep learning assessment.


Currently,  with Item Banks and New Quizzes in general, they will always save as separate pieces instead of one cohesive whole since Stimuli and Questions themselves are separate in the system. 

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Please add this feature!

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This would be very helpful. The current stimulus question is not robust enough and this feature would make it much better. 

Our university just switched from moodle to canvas, and in moodle, cloze questions would make this very easy. But I was actually disappointed to see this feature is not provided here. 

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I am a math teacher, and I would like to use the new quizzes because of the new features and the options for students to do additional kinds of questions. 

Most questions that assess math concepts are better when they are broken down into multi step problems. For example, "Set up an equation to solve for x using the picture above." Then, "Solve for x." Then, "Find each angle measure that corresponds to the previous questions, by plugging x back in." I am able to do this in Stimulus by attaching questions, but there is no linking option. 

I would like to make the quizzes more cheat proof since this is how I am doing summative assessments so its easier on students. I want different students to be able to have a different stimulus that is linked to each attached question so that it pulls the right equation, solution, and angle measures along with the stimulus. I also am allowing multiple attempts, and would like for the questions to be varied across attempts to demonstrate an understanding of the material. There is no way to link a stimulus to the adjoining questions that are attached, and therefore, I cannot create a bank that says select one stimulus question from each so that each student may have a different question from each other or between attempts. If I add random questions from banks, it will leave them out of order, and they may not be in the same question cluster, for example the equation might match the picture, but the solution might be for another equation. 

I would love to hear anyones suggestions, I have called canvas support and the guy looked into it and there is no way to do what I want to. 

The other idea I have is that I can make a duplicate of the quiz for the retake and change the questions, but if that is the case I would want either quiz to replace the score for the other if it is higher. It would be too much work to excuse the first quiz for each student who took the retake and got a better score. Plus, then I would have to excuse all the students who didn't do the retake from the retake quiz. 

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Also has my vote. But, it's been about a year and a half since this was even suggested? I can either lose security by not randomly grabbing questions, hard-code the numeric answers as multiple fill-in-the-blank with very specific instructions (e.g. round to 2 decimal places and always include trailing zeros to 2nd decimal place), or manually grade midterms for ~40 students in this statistics course. Manually grading is, sadly, seeming like one of the better options.. I get that there are 3000 other open conversations, but man what a trade-off choice this is forcing us to make. Is it really that tough to take the "multiple fill-in-the-blank" and splice in the rounding functionality from "numeric answer"? Obviously this doesn't help with non-numeric answers, but this would address a large portion of use cases I think (and other Canvas posts are cluttered with - "why can't I do subparts for numeric answers?")

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I agree completely!!  The current setup really limits the use of stimulus questions.  I need to be able to randomly select a stimulus and then link that stimulus to a set of questions.  Ideally, I would like to randomly select questions linked to that stimulus (as mentioned earlier by alan_brooks.  Please include this soon!!

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This is extremely frustrating that this is not a feature till now. With 10 mins of searching I found more than 10 idea conversations (that are highly rated by many) started since 2015 that are requesting for this exact feature for last six years (at least).

I don't see any reason how this feature can take more than a few hours of coding effort from the development team.

I wonder if there is any vile reasoning behind this. For example, this feature would discourse instructors from using textbook publishers' platform (which gets integrated with canvas) that provides this exact feature of having unique problem solving questions with multiple parts for each student.

I really hope the Canvas authority will understand our frustration and allocate a few hours of development work for this feature.

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Great suggestion!

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I need this too!

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I cannot use the stimulus type until it can be stored in an Item Bank with permanently attached sub-questions.

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This should have been a no brainer for STEM test.  If this isn't coming, at least bring back the classic quizzes feature that allowed multiple fill-ins as different parts of the same problem. The current option doesn't allow the multiple fill-in unless they are all in same paragraph.