[New Quizzes] Item Bank Shared to a Course Included in Copies of That Course

Problem statement:

Currently, Item Banks can be shared to a course with either edit or view permissions. Unfortunately, teachers who receive copies from the original course (to which the banks are shared) do not benefit from using the "This Course" filter to search for items when searching Item Banks for questions.

Proposed solution:

We want to include that sharing setting with subsequent copies of the course (at least have an option to select to do so). Preferably, it would default to View-only, but we would work with it simply duplicating the setting from the original--knowing we would have to set it to View permission in the original course. This would allow for there still being a central copy of the item banks while giving teachers the searchability of them being shared directly with the course and leveraging "This Course" when filtering searches for items.

User role(s):