[New Quizzes] New Quizzes - include pictures in Matching and Categorization

I'm really pleased with most of the new quiz engine, except for a glaring flaw: Matching and Categorization-type quizzes not having the rich text editor enabled for question/category and answer fields. Back when we thought we'd be in the building in the fall, my colleagues and I prepared work including various sorting and matching activities. I'm trying to convert as much as I can to Canvas quizzes for remote learning, but not being able to use pictures in the question-answer pairs is a major roadblock, as we're a special education classroom in which many of the students have very low reading skills. We try to use a combination of pictures and text instead of text-only whenever possible.

Having the rich text editor enabled in all fields for Matching and Categorization quizzes, so that users can embed images into question-answer pairs themselves and not just the prompt, would help users to make content more accessible to students. It would also be more consistent with other question types such as Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer that have rich text enabled in the answer fields. Is this already on the agenda for the future, by any chance? If not, I would like to recommend that it be considered for future inclusion.

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Our youngest learners need more interactive type content that teachers can create inside of Canvas to be more closely reflective and aligned with the way it would look face to face in a little learner classroom. Please add the ability to add pictures, icons, math manipulative pictures and emojis to encourage excitement and engagement for our elementary and ELL students inside of New Quizzes. The addition of Rich Text Editor Fields for categorization and matching would make tons of teachers happy during this Teacher Appreciation‌ Week!  😍  Thank you so much in advance for your consideration and time working on this helpful feature!

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Yes please!

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Adding pictures in the rich content editor is great in the multiple choice and multiple answer, but having this available in the Matching and Categories sections would be a game changer in using the new quizzes.  So many of the Science standard have to do with models and graphs and being able to add these types of items in all of the sections would be amazing.  

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I'm on board with all of these suggestions. One of our US History teachers was asking me for something like this earlier in the week. He's still hoping for partial credit too, but I know that's in another thread. 

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The rich content editor should be able to be used on all parts and types of questions in the New Quiz - including answer options. As a science teacher, this lack of editing makes me not want to convert at all to the New Quizzes. Even the Classic Quizzes allow better use of this (although I still have to do work arounds). 

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I'll chime in from an art and design teacher's point of view. Using images, videos, and other interactive content in quizzes and tests has been essential throughout my entire teaching career. It wasn't until our institution's implementation of Canvas that I was unable to do the things I want to do (there is a workaround with classic quizzes that works ok). That's what really gets me; that I'm held back in class because of a lack of functionality (which has been available for years on all 3 other LMS's I've worked with). I'm forced to continue using classic quizzes, in spite of the urging to start to transition to New Quizzes, because if this functionality isn't available in New Quizzes, I will either need to significantly change my assessment formats or go back to paper. 

There are many discussions on this issue around the Canvas online community. I really hope they see the significant need (and possibilities for teachers) here. 

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I am an instructor for a trade school (Northwest Renewable Energy Institute) and for the subject I teach we use schematic drawings for a good deal of our learning material and it would be very helpful to add the option of being able to use an image as the answer or question when we choose the Matching question style for quizzes to better test our students understanding of schematics.

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Agreed, I teach an engineering course and the ability to read symbols is critical. Having the ability to add images to matching instead of individual multiple choice questions would be highly beneficial.

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This would be really great. Maybe it could even happen this century?

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I am a math teacher, and I could use this feature a lot.