[New Quizzes] enable admins to manage access to certain question types

Problem statement:

Some question types - in the current situation, the hot spot question - are inherently inaccessible. Our ADA coordinator would like us to prevent people from using inherently inaccessible question types until after they have received adequate education and/or approval.

Proposed solution:

The assumption is the inherently inaccessible question types would be disabled by default. Ideally, admins could then enable access to these questions types on a per-user basis after verifying that the instructor has completed training or met other requirements. This actually seems unreasonable, based on what we know about how Canvas works. We would not want to be assigning it this access by role, since that would break our SIS integration. So, admins being able to allow access to particular question types by sub-account would be adequate.

User role(s):