Pass Outcome Results from New Quizzes to Canvas

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Standards based graded (a.k.a. Outcomes) is becoming more and more prevalent in education.  We use formative and summative assessments to determine whether outcomes (standards) are met. is the PERFECT tool to assess outcomes.  However, Canvas is our grade system and if we are grading based on outcomes, the outcome information from Quizzes.Next MUST be passed back to Canvas.  At this point we have to check outcomes that are aligned with assignments and those that are aligned with Quizzes.Next separately.  That just is counterintuitive when Quizzes.Next will soon be the Quiz tool in Canvas.  Please, please vote this up so it can be done soon!!!  The capability is there!  It just needs to make the priority list.


Here are some pictures describing the request/problem.  We just need the outcomes that are in Quizzes.Next to also show up in the Mastery Gradebook since that is where we are checking the Outcomes.  At the present time, they are not passed back to Canvas and cannot be viewed as being "met" in Canvas.


See below...

Here are the outcomes for the quiz:
And outcomes in a specific quiz question:
290769_image (1).png
And the outcomes analysis in Quizzes.Next
290770_image (2).png
And the outcomes report for the student outside of Quizzes.Next
290771_image (3).png
And Mastery Gradebook shows the same picture that is above.
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Is there any update on this? My understanding is that Mastery Gradebook can't be used with Quizzes.Next. We would definitely like that functionality.

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I went to a user group meeting a week or two ago and the response I got from the Solutions Engineer was that Quizzes.Next banks are attached to the user, not the course now. Which means the outcomes in the quiz are attached to the user.

This makes Outcome reporting harder because you need to add a layer of association. Before, the Outcome was in the course, so it was already defined as to where the outcome results should go. Now, because it's attached to the user, Canvas has to determine which course the assignment is in and then pass it back. Honestly, it's sad they made the change because all outcomes were already available as long as you were a teacher in whatever course you wanted to add them to.

I think that's partially why this functionality is not included in Quizzes.Next. By becoming more modular (Quizzes.Next is an LTI tool, not a core tool, which is a big shift) the data passing becomes much more complex. I'm concerned Outcomes won't really be a priority in the Quizzes.Next world.

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Outcomes are very seamlessly pulled into the Quizzes.Next interface (though, from my experience, it takes a few days for the Outcomes to actually appear).  It is downright exciting to be able to link Outcomes to individual questions as opposed to a question bank.  That said, if the data generated cannot be passed back to Canvas to the Learning Mastery Report, it is a HUGE loss.  The reporting is pivotal, and should draw from BOTH rubric criteria and assessment questions.

I have yet to test whether outcomes that are program/department level, entered at Canvas sub-accounts, can be pulled into Quizzes.Next, and the reporting in turn be reflected at program level, based on Outcomes that appear in multiple courses.  If I understand Brian Bennett's post, and Outcomes used in Quizzes.Next are attached to the user(!), then the potential for reporting is far far far away from the program level.

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+1 for passing outcomes in back to LM gradebook. This feature is broken without it at our school.

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+1!  We use New Quizzes/ in conjunction with Mastery Paths for a Self-Paced program for our students.  Being able to tie to outcomes to the Learning Mastery gradebook would give our teachers a much clearer picture of where students are at pace-wise and be able to use that data for remediations, etc.  Would be huge for us if this worked!

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Would be a HUGE step forward to integrate (quizzes 2) with the Learning Mastery Gradebook. +1

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What is the point of Learning Mastery Gradbook if New Quizzes doesn't communicate outcomes with it? This loss of functionality alone prevents me from using New Quizzes. Tracking outcomes is so much more important pedagogically speaking than fancy quiz items. I'm surprised that this is something we are supposed to vote for. Every person who uses Learning Mastery and old quizzes wants this. They probably don't even realize they have to vote for it to get it. 

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I agree. The only outcomes that show up in Learning Mastery Gradebook is ones that are assessed manually via rubrics. I would like to see the ability to align outcomes to individual items in questions banks. This will give us a better idea of how students are understanding standards AND how they retain that over time (decaying average). Say you have an outcome that is aligned to many items in a question bank. They may take a chapter quiz, a midterm, and a review throughout the year that has items aligned with different outcomes. This will give you a much better picture of what the student has truly mastered.

Intuitively I thought this was how it works. I was sad to see that when I spent time to align outcomes to HUNDREDS of items in a question bank, it only shows the outcome analysis for that one single quiz. I personally think this is a missed opportunity for teachers to really understand and help their students. 

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This is still in development from what I've been told, but we have a workaround teachers are using for assessments where New Quizzes makes more sense than classic.

Create the assignment and pull your outcomes in. A recent update now makes course outcomes immediately available in New Quizzes (no more 24 hour sync period). You can still attach to questions like normal to look at the report.

To get the results back into the LMG, go to the quiz and use the three-dot menu to click Edit. In the Assignment editor (not the quiz editor) scroll to the bottom and click on +Rubric. Then click on Find Outcome. Attach the Outcome you want to score for the quiz. Then save the assignment.

Now two monitors become helpful. Open the New Quiz results on one screen to the Outcome results. On the other screen, open the quiz in the Speedgrader. Score the speedgrader rubric based on the Outcomes report in the New Quiz to get those scores in.

Obviously, that isn't great. But, for assignments where New Quizzes are better, it works.

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+1 for linking Outcomes of New Quizzes to Learning Mastery Gradebook so we could make full use of the benefits of both tools.