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As an instructor with 100 students in a course on Canvas, I would like to have a feature where students can review their group teammates (e.g., in Group #1, Student A reviews B and C; Student C review Student A and B etc.), and in the end, each student will get a final peer review score (e.g., Student A get an average score of 4 out of full score 5.)
This way, as an instructor, I can include their peer evaluation score (e.g., 5 points out of entire course of 100 total points) into their final score for the quarter without me manually calculate scores or use a 3rd party survey tools outside of Canvas and import score in Canvas afterwards.
Acceptance Criteria: 
  1. Students can give a score of each of their teammate who are in the same group as they are (e.g., in Group #1, Student A give score 4 to B and score 5 to C etc) 
  2. Ideally, there will be multiple questions in scoring and will be averaged or weighted. e.g., When student A give score to B, there will be multiple questions: 1) How would you rate this peer's impact to your assignment result? (10 points) 2) How would you rate this peer's impact to elevate the team's discussion? (5 points) etc
  3. Instructor can set up a score scale (e.g., full score is 5, and students can give others between 1-5).
  4. The score given by their teammate should be anonymous so that students can feel free to give score.
  5. There should be a "normalization" function, so that instructor can "normalize" score from each student. For example, if a student intentionally gives others low score, there is a function to normalize to ensure each student's review to others is average of score 4.  
  6. Students can give their teammate constructive feedback, where they can write feedback to others. This shouldn't be anonymous. Instructor can give tips to students on how to give a constructive feedback. 
  7. Each student's received scores will be averaged or weighted, so that there is an average score each student get from their teammate. This score will be part of Canvas total score calculation.
  8. There should be assign time and due time for student to do this peer evaluation.

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Please note that this is NOT the peer review for a specific assignment (I used that for peer review outside of their group so that they can see other team's work); is the peer review in the end of the quarter for students to review people in the same team with them. 

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