Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
The Quiz Build page provides quiz printing options. For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21).

As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe established for the quiz for all other students, etc.


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Originally posted by: Pacific Union College admins

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Community Team Note: This idea remains open for voting. A virtually identical idea was moved forward for consideration in March:  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.

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Yes! This is a needed feature. As has been mentioned we have students with accommodations, and my district requires us to turn in a paper copy semester exams. It would be nice for those few paper copies not to be 30 pages...

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Yes! We need to be able to print the quizzes.

Would also love a built in read aloud function for new quizzes. There are students that need read aloud accommodations and this is not a function with the new quizzes. 

a lockdown browser would also be VERY helpful

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Please implement this soon! If we have this feature then we can use canvas as a question repository even if we mainly give paper tests.

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This would be amazing!

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I want to be able to print the New Canvas Quizzes so that teachers can document a student's progress for Special Education Goals.  Screenshots are very time consuming.

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Not only would it be helpful to have a simple way to print a quiz, but a way to print all the work that goes into a quiz bank is needed too. That would include all the hints for incorrect answers. Please work this out. 

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Allow instructors to print an exam/quiz in a PDF or Word document. Similar to how quiz questions can be uploaded from a Word document. 

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I don't see how this is still open for conversation.  The "conversation" started in 2015.  This is a needed feature.  We have students with screen time accommodations and can't take quizzes in Canvas. Please add this feature, Canvas!  OR explain why you can not add the feature and close a conversation that has been open for far too long. 

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Every academic term I have used Canvas, I have checked this conversation to see if it's moving forward to Development by Canvas. I'm astonished that it has not!  Please add this feature.

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Please make it easier to download/print from New Quizzes. Printing from the preview screen is cumbersome and messy. Students with paper quiz accommodations deserve better.