Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
The Quiz Build page provides quiz printing options. For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-08-21).

As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe established for the quiz for all other students, etc.


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Originally posted by: Pacific Union College admins

Special thanks for contributions from: Betsy Walker, John Louviere



Community Team Note: This idea remains open for voting. A virtually identical idea was moved forward for consideration in March:  Contrary to our customary practice, we are allowing both ideas to continue to move forward. Votes and feedback from both ideas will be evaluated.

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This would be great for our special needs students. Our teachers were very disappointed that this option does not exist. Please consider putting this on your road map to include printing quizzes.  It would help so much for accomodations.

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I cannot believe that this has not been added yet, as many IEP's and there are medical reasons that students would need a test on paper.  

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Honestly y'all, at this point, I've moved on to using MasteryConnect which

is better in several key ways:

1. The data reports are MUCH better.

2. If a kid leaves your class, then you can still go back to see how

they did on an assessment

3. There are WAY more TEI items available

4. You can print the tests.

If I can help you with that at all, please let me know.

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This is a must for my program because of some of the types of IEPs students have. 

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Well looking at those timelines, hard to get excited about stuff being asked about for 5 years without anything done…

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There is a Chrome Extension called "Canvas Quiz Printer"  I select the quiz, then I select the icon in my Chrome bar and it automatically prints a copy of the quiz.

If you would like to print a completed quiz just highlight the quiz starting from Question 1 and highlight the whole quiz, then right-click and either print or print to pdf.  I think they look pretty nice. 

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I support your idea very much. Here is my concept of exporting a quiz.

When the three dots are clicked on the top right corner, this modal will pop up.

Export Options

When checked, this will insert a cover sheet as the first page, which may be similar to the page that is displayed to the students before they start the quiz. This will include the instructions for the quiz, time limit, and due date.
(Showing the number of attempts on a printed quiz may not be feasible.)

This only works when the idea‌ is successfully completed.

If you have multiple languages added in Details > Language (shown below at #5), you can select the language to use for the export.
(If the language is set to a crowdsourced language, the quiz UI will be in English.)

View Details Page

You can choose what format you want to export into. You can choose DOCX (Word), PDF, or QTI (which is a QTI ZIP file of course).

If you create a question group, you must first configure its settings in How do I add all items or a random set from an item bank to an assessment in New Quizzes? > Edit Item Bank Question Settings before exporting. Each time the Export button is pressed, a random set of questions will be generated.

Note: At this time, if you select QTI as the export format, the exported quiz with questions linked to a question bank will not include an export file of the question bank. The QTI file will only include questions from the question bank that have been added to the quiz.

Points are only shown next to each question if at least one of the settings related to point values is enabled in Settings > Restrict Student Result View > Show points awarded or Show points possible.

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That extension only works for Classic Quizzes, not New Quizzes. Having said that, I also found it very easy to install and worked fantastic!

 @Kelvin_Dean  has a fantastic mock-up of what I would expect a print/export feature to look like. Well done and fingers crossed.

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I love this idea! There are students that don't have access to a computer and you would like the quizzes to be the same. online and offline. There are so many variables that we don't have control off and this would be an easy way to give the student a similar opportunity.