[Reports] Course Dates for Terms In Provisioning Report

Problem statement:

In the Provisioning Report for Courses, the course start and end date are only provided if the course participation is listed as Course instead of Term. If the course start and end dates are based on the Term participation, the cells are left blank in the course Provisioning Report, but they are also left blank if there is no course start and end date provided. To keep student dashboards clean and current, as an admin, I want to be able to see which courses for each quarter have no course end date, meaning they are still appearing on student dashboards, so I can add an end date to close them. However, when I pull a course Provisioning Report, I have over 500 courses with no listed course start and end dates just for one term. I do not have the time to check each one to see if it is indeed still open, or just on term dates.

Proposed solution:

In the Courses Provisioning Report, list course start and end dates even if the dates are pre-set by the Term participation dates. This will allow admins to clearly see what courses truly have not ended each term, allowing for any necessary follow-up.

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