[Reports] Indicate Cross-Listed Courses in Admin Reports

I would like to suggest that when admin reports, like unpublished and unused courses, are run that there is some indication of 1) whether the course is cross-listed, and 2) which course it is cross-listed with.


This idea has been proposed in the past but archived for lack of support (so likely not accessible without being a member of Cold Storage).




The problem we are running in to is that we would like to run these reports to determine which courses are not utilizing Canvas.  If a faculty member teaches multiple sections of a course or lab and has cross-listed these, the sections that were cross-listed show in these reports as unused and unpublished, meaning I need to go back to Canvas and check each one to determine if the reason is due to cross-listing.  There may be other reasons to make this change. If so I would love to hear them!

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Excellent Deactivated user‌!  Voted for and will ask our cadre of community participants to vote as well.

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Awesome!  Thanks for the support!

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Great Idea ericwerth

We are also experiencing false-positive results for cross-listed courses in reports and course rosters.

As the image below demonstrates, cross-listed courses appear to have no Teacher, no Students, and are not published.

Perhaps a new field titled "Crosslist ID" would help, here's a potential mock-up...

Cross List Mockup

In this example, Section 41 is the Parent Course, while Sections 42, 43, 44, 45 are the cross-listed Child Courses.

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Thanks for suggesting this! It has my vote. I would like to mention, cross-listing is at the section level. This would not affect my institution, but there may be some institution who have multiple sections in a course. There could be issues with the report for the courses which have multiple sections. Maybe Canvas Data has some useful information.

It looks like the course_section_dim has a nonxlist_course_id which could be useful. Although, some of the information in Canvas Data is not accurate. 

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Being able to quickly determine cross-listed courses and their components would be so very helpful in many circumstances. I must say that's one feature I miss from our previous LMS -- it preceded the section number with a "C" so that it was easy to see a combination.

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I suggest that the cross listing status should show up *not only* in admin reports *but also* in the course itself (user interface) in the first place! Currently, there is no indication (in the user interface) that  a certain section has been cross listed.  At the least, Canvas should display the 'Cross list section' button -in the image below- differently styled when it is *already* cross listed (for example, for 'published' status Canvas already displays either a 'publish' or 'unpublish' button, but there is no equivalent for cross listings). curr

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I could see this being a handy feature for us. Our Registrar recently asked for a list of all courses that are cross-listed, hoping to see how many students are impacted by cross-listing. This would make things easy for reporting purposes.

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I (a Canvas admin for my college) have been searching for a way to find cross-listed courses.  I wanted to know how to get a list of cross-listed courses and this thread got me thinking...  there must be a report I can run that will give some indication of cross-listings.  So I went back and searched each report and found what I was looking for in "SIS Export"!

Under "Configure...", I chose "X list CSV".  The report I got back gave me a list of all cross-listings by "xlist_course_id" and "section_id".  This showed me which sections ("section_id") were sent to which courses ("xlist_course_id").  This was just what I needed to merge with my other reports and produce meaningful results and help us to determine which courses are not utilizing Canvas (as per @ericwerth).

I had to mention this here because in my search of the community I could find no mention of this option being available under "SIS Export".  I hope this helps someone else.

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Yes please. It is almost impossible for Deans and Program Directors to follow up on 'unpublished' courses.

On the Courses GUI you can at least see that there is no 'teacher' listed, which would give you a clue, except you can't sort by Published state so you have to scroll through all the pages.

From the Admin unpublished courses report, there is not even an indicator such as 'no teacher' to indicate that the reason the course is unpublished is because it is a child course. 

Since Deans and Program Directors weigh in heavily when evaluating the LMS, it'd be good to give them some useful tools. What we have for them is ALMOST but not quite useful. Thank you. 


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The ability to easily see cross-listed courses in this report would indeed be extremely useful. I echo the sentiments that this is important for admins such as academic deans.