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As an Instructor, I would like to allow students to resume a quiz where they left off after it as been submitted when giving them another attempt. How it currently works is that they need to be given another attempt and start over. If an instructor could choose to let them resume their previous submission from the moderate page, it would save time for the student on long quizzes. Also, it would be nice to have an option to lock previous answers; that way they cannot correct previous mistakes.


As a student, I would like to be able to resume a quiz where I left off if my instructor permits. If I got most the way done with a 100 question quiz then have some technical difficulties, it would be a time save to not have to re-take the entire exam.



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It is necessary to allow a student back into a quiz with permission of the instructor.  I have had several cases where a student accidentally hits submit instead of next, where the time it takes students to complete the written quiz is longer than expected or they get logged out of canvas and they run out of time by the time by the time they get back into the quiz.   In all of these cases I need to let the student back into the quiz, but there is no way to do this without showing them whether or not their answers are correct (and questions left blank also have the correct answer marked on them once it is submitted) and it is very frustrating.    I have had to give the student a 2nd attempt which then creates frustration on their part because they might not remember which questions they left blank or wanted to revise and creates more work on faculty as they grade 2 separate attempt.  

I also agree with the previous comment about being able to add time to the person's quiz while they are actively taking it the quiz.  

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Commenting here to keep this idea on the radar.  I have had several students accidentally hit the "submit" button instead of "next" after answering all questions and reviewing them.  Moreover, my questions are randomly drawn from question banks, so that each attempt is created anew every time, and students cannot continue from where they left off.

Even further, in these cases, there is also no "Are you sure?" prompt, because there are no unanswered questions.

Two requests then: (1) Allow students to continue a previously submitted exam, and (2) Please add a prompt after hitting submit, even when there are no unanswered questions.

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Hi Scott,

I've added a new post on this subject which I think encapsulates what you are asking for here. Could you vote for it?



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Hi Jason, I am wondering what is happening with this feature as the comment was made at the start of 2016 and we are well into 2018 now. This feature is a must for us as students need to achieve 100% as the pass mark ( As stated by the auditors in our last Audit) as students at the moment need to redo their entire assessment when resubmitting using Canvas. I really like Canvas but not having this feature would be a reason to look elsewhere.

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I like the submit confirmation dialog idea. Thanks.

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An option to create quizzes where students are only required to re-attempt questions they answered incorrectly would be beneficial to both the learner, and training provider. I strongly support this product feature.

For the learner it can help to improve the overall  experience; it makes sense to them to re-attempt what was not correct, and for the provider it gives us better opportunities to assess higher-level thinking (through well written multiple choice questions). These questions ask the learner to consider their actions, and what they would do when presented with a range of real-world scenarios. In these types of questions, there is an increased likelyhood of learner error, especially with well written distractors. Not that we are trying to trick the learner, just that we want robust assessment. When a learner is presented with a set these types of questions it could be (is)incredibly frustrating to have to re-attempt all questions in the set (even if they are provided in a small chunked set) due to the level of thought required to work out what they should do with their knowledge i.e. the application of it.

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This is an awesome idea!

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We would love this!  As an RTO who delivers training in schools this is a hurdle our teachers encounter all the time especially around marking.  

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Hi, Natalie!

Have you possibly found a way to circumnavigate this issue? I considered having this, but it seems cumbersome:

Teacher tells each student the question numbers they got incorrect and gives a 2nd attempt to the entire class.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!