[Roles] Reveal Name of Observer-based Custom role

Problem statement:

I have created a few observer-based custom roles. In the People page, these all appear listed as "Observing: nobody" instead of the actual name of the role. This has led to a confusion at many levels.

Proposed solution:

Allow actual name of role to be visible everywhere. I understand that the origin of the observer role is from K-12 institutions where it is used for parents. A lot of Canvas users are using this role for other purposes, so it would be great if it could become more versatile.

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Just commenting that I would still really like to see this idea implemented - or at least get into the pipeline. I have now created several custom observer-based roles which have eliminated a lot of permission problems I was having. The roles work 100% fine except for this issue, and it's not an issue at all. It's just that people get unnecessarily confused, and I get emails when there is actually no problem!