SIS ID column in Gradebook

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through Canvas Release Notes (2020-01-18) 

At present, the SIS ID is not available via browser view of the Gradebook. It shows up as a column in Excel when instructors export the gradebook, but it would be extremely useful to have access to this information without the trouble of exporting and then importing.


Instructors who grade anonymous paper submissions, for example, would be able to input grades a great deal more efficiently. Aside from the student name column, the only other student identifier is a column for login ID, which is some version of a student’s name. Thus, there’s currently not a useful way to match students to anonymous paper submissions. While adding a “Notes” column and hand-entering SIS IDs does function as a workaround, doing so introduces many possibilities for error and is inconvenient for instructors.

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Having just implemented Canvas, our administrators have commented that the inclusion of the SIS User ID would be extremely useful on this screen as we use this for our Student Number. Does anyone know what stage this request is at now, given the request was made back in February initially ? 

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 @lisa_ward ‌, the SIS ID is Secondary Info you can display with the Student Name in the 'New Gradebook'. So you should be good to go sometime in 2018. Check the video by Christi Wruck from InstructureCon ... New Gradebook Phase 1

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A faculty member just requested this functionality as an SIS only login. He likes to do blind grading and analysis using the student's SIS ID as the only identifier on the paper. I agree that providing faculty the option to switch the identifiers off and on would be a good approach to solve this for different use cases. 

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We've also been trying to implement a solution for this for a while now.

We can't use the secondary ID column, as that's used for our eppn from the SHIBBOLETH login (basically and changing this would be big.
After many iterations of varying success and failure, we hope to have struck gold in our newest idea.
We have decided to use the Sortable Name to hold the the Sortable Name plus the BannerID.
In our initial test, we set sortable_name to only use BannerID but we realized that Canvas sorts by sortable_name, regardless of the option being active.  This caused a lot of alphabetizing inconsistencies.
So we are now updating all users with BannerID's as:
If record does not have banner id it will consist from lastName_firstName_
The Sortable Name gradebook option is set to Allow at the root and at the sub-account level, so we're not forcing this change to anyone.
Those who don't want to use it won't see any change.
Those who do want to use it, and we have a good number of those, can simply change the setting in their course whenever they want to.
When enabled, you can see it in the GB.
And it exports as well!!
We know that there are a few steps to filter the data in Excel or similar if people want to remove names, but it will be so much easier using this method than anything else we've tried or heard about.  And takes a lot of the manual process and eye-balling out of the equation! Very tiresome.
We've done testing and it seems to be going well.  We're planning to put it in production next week.
We've also talked with Instructure about this and they feel it's a comfortable solution too.
Hope this helps some some issues for you all.
** Also note that we don't allow users to edit their name. **
** We are also explicitly stating that this is NOT a method for anonymous anything **
Ed Casey
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We'd also like this  for our context in Australia.  We have two unique IDs for students which have arisen of the years with one being a more administrative SID and the other being an ID used to login to our LMS.  Being able to display either, both, or neither in Marks would be incredibly valuable to us.  I've up voted and hope this feature comes to fruition.

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Quick update:

We removed the underscores.  Now it's LastName, FirstName BannerID

Oddly enough, some third party integrations were using the sortable_name.

All seems good again.


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We used to have this column, and it went away in the "New Gradebook". It was very useful, because all our grading mechanisms have been using login ID for decades, and so everything can be in the correct order for quick entry of grades (since you can sort by that column). The "New Gradebook" allows you to include the ID as a secondary display item, but without it being sortable, it doesn't help me.

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I was demo-ing the New Gradebook today and just realized that the New Gradebook does not have the SIS ID. Why would they have removed a feature folks have come to count on?

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Nancy, if you mouse over the 'hamburger' at the right corner of the Student Name field, you can enable the SIS ID ...


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Thanks!! I had just located it Smiley Happy. Whew.  Good news Smiley Happy  I am trying to convince my pals on the academic side to adopt new gradebook and I did not need another issue. Thanks!!!