[SpeedGrader] Ability to move through all assignments for one student in speedgrader

As I am looking at the speedgrader assignments, one feature that would be great would be that instead of per assignment, moving from student to student, but by student, moving from assignment to assignment. I am probably not the only one who has thought of a need to pick one student and then review their first assignment, second, third, etc. as teachers do that sometimes when they have to create a final grade. Right now, I have to back up each time to speedgrader to pick the next assignment and reopen speedgrader again.

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I'm glad to see this is on "Radar" but wanted to chime in to make sure the CV ptbs know there is still a LOT of interest in this feature. There are so many things/buttons in Speedgrader but I'm still so frustrated that I can't click on the student's name and see their previous assignments. I'm forever going back and forth, as I need to remind myself of the feedback I gave them on the previous assignments to see if they're either ignoring my advice, or if I need to dispense it for the first time. TAKES FOREVER! And of course at the end of the term, when final grades are being computed and students are often "catching up" and turning in assignments late (albeit with massive penalty) this feature would be a huge time saver as well. I don't know what it takes to get things moved off of RADAR to active revision, but wanted to make sure Canvas knows we still care about this!

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I would give this response all of the stars in the heaven above my head, if I could. This feature would make my teachers fiercely loyal to Canvas. 


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This would be SO helpful! Please, please.

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Any update on this feature? This would make functionality of Speedgrader so much better! It is a hassle to have to go out and in constantly to switch between assignments.

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This would be a big help! Seems like from an interface standpoint it would be simple to add navigation arrows so you can either move to the next student or to the next assignment depending on whether you are wanting to grade an assignment for a class or review previous work for a student. I may be wrong but I can't find a single place to see all comments on assignments for a single student. This would help cover that deficiency as well.

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Yes, yes! I need this! I need to be able to look back and get a qualitative view of a particular student’s work.

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Moodle had this function 20 years ago, you can move from student to student in one project, move from one project to another for one student. I am appalled that we, users, are begging canvas to introduce this basic common sense feature in 2017? I am a Moodle fan, but my school decided to use canvas, which is lagging many steps behind Moodle. That's my honest view, if the audience and canvas lovers  wanted to call me all kind names, thank you, bless your hearts

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Yes, Canvas is 20 years behind in many things, WebCT 1.0 was better. Take this one for instance as you say a fundamental LMS function. It got 166 votes on Dec 2, 2015 and a year and four months ago and it is still just on the Radar. 

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This would be very helpful to me. I could see using it for:

  • Parent conferences, to show parents their student's work without exposing the work of other students.
  • Student conferences, to talk with students how their progress in my class and ow they can improve.
  • Preparing for IEP meetings and other meetings about students, where I may want to look through all work by a student to look for patterns or find good examples of strengths and/or struggles.
  • Plagiarism or other conduct investigations. If I find one plagiarized assignment, I'm going to want to take a look at the rest of that student's work more closely to see if it was a pattern or a one-off.

For me, it would be most helpful it it included all student work, including auto-graded quizzes, and it if was easy to see their various quiz attempts from the interface.

Right now, I open the student's Grade page and then open every single assignment in new tabs. This only lets me see the "kept" attempt on quizzes, so there is a LOT of clicking (and incidental exposure of the names of both completing and non-completing students) involved when I try to talk to parents about their student's progress in my class if I need to look at Quizzes. 

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I also just wanted to chime in and say that I have been asking Canvas support for this for a long while now and am finally getting around to posting about it on this board. It would be such a great feature to help with productivity and a more seamless workflow. We all don't want to get annoyed with Canvas requiring multiple clicks to do what we want to do. This would be a great update that a ton of people are requesting. Thanks so much!