[Speedgrader] Rich Text Editor in Speedgrader Comments

 Add the Rich Text Editor to the Comments section of Speedgrader.


"I want to recommend books, etc., or to properly format foreign words, and so on, and want to set the example, of course, of doing so properly.  Thank you"


"Instructors have told me they'd like formatting (bold, italic, colors) in the comment boxes in order to emphasize a statement without typing all caps (which seems like they're yelling at the students)."


"As an instructor in a virtual classroom I need to be able to make my communication with students richer to better get my points across.  Add rich text capabilities and allow me to make the Comment boxes larger while you are at it."



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Originally Posted By: Joshua Shannon
Special thanks for contributions by: Teri Portman, Albert Turner

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I've voted for this. It was flagged in another idea concerning comments in speedgrader (namely, the ability to STRIP formatting if you copy/paste from word) and remove all illegal characters:


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I would like to have a rich text editor available in the SpeedGrader interface such that the written feedback in the dialog box retains formatting--especially after copy and paste from another text editor or document (Google Doc, MS Word, etc.). These rich text features are available elsewhere in Canvas such as when crafting a Page but strangely missing from SpeedGrader.

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I love Canvas however this is one of my biggest headaches as an instructor.  Please try to make a way for this to happen.  I would be greatly appreciative. Smiley Happy 

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Yes, you cannot show proper citation formatting when you cannot italicize or underline and then you have to add additional confusing notes to explain. 

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The ability to choose a numeric font size for comments in SpeedGrader, much like you choose a font size in any Microsoft program. This would allow instructors to have their comments stand out more when leaving feedback on a students submission.

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Yes, please, adding hyperlink and basic formatting in speedgrader comments would make an immense difference in ease of use for sharing comments.

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I would love the ability to add bullet points to speedgrader comments, but anything would be helpful!

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Feedback is rendered useless sometimes without proper formatting in quiz comments and assignment submissions.

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As of today 286 upvotes since 2015. How can this feature be orphaned in an otherwise excellent LMS? What else can we do as educators to gain traction for an upgrade to Speedgrader or other solution?

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I live Canvas and having this would cement it in my mind as the GOAT but... It's been two years since I upvoted this and it's still not available. Other LMS, that in my opinion are not as good as Canvas, have this...please look into it as feedback is so integral for students.