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Currently while in student view if you have prerequisites for a module you have to remove these in order to see an assignment or a module as a student. It would be nice to be able to view all assignments as a student without having to unlock all of the modules. Maybe as a "master" student or something similar. One example of how this would be helpful is in narrowing down which links have been flagged by the link validator.

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Yes please to this idea.  I know we can go through everything as a teacher.  But while in student view, sometimes we want to see a specific page that isn't unlocked in student view, and we only want to see it as a student.  Having the ability to by pass prerequisite by clicking a button would be super helpful.

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This would be very helpful. The only workarounds are to go back and remove all prerequisites or to copy the assignment into a sandbox course to view. Both are time consuming!

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I had this same issue today supporting a faculty member who wanted to see if the link to a third-party tool in the Assignment was working. A student had notified her it didn't work, but we could not view it in student view due to the prerequisite settings. I also would like to see a bypass to the student prerequisites as a test student. However, I would not like to lose the ability in Student View to ensure that prerequisites, requirements, and module lock until dates are functioning as intended. I like Steven_S suggestion of having a checkbox on any page the test student tries to use that marks all prerequisites complete.

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This would be extremely helpful! I think having a button/checkbox on any page the test student tries to use that marks all prerequisites complete for that ONE time only and then resets automatically when you leave student view would be amazing. I would use this feature to check third-party links or apps like nearpod, edpuzzle, or any Google Suite integrations. I like to see how it looks from the student perspective but having prerequisites makes this difficult. Having a bypass would solve that issue, even it is a one-time bypass. 

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I would love to have an additional student view to see what a page or assignment looks like from the student's perspective without having to unlock the modules. Keeping a way to test whether the modules are locked and prerequisites in place is important, and I wouldn't want to lose that, but an override box or mode would help tremendously. 

Also, it would be wonderful to be able to have a student view of group pages. When I create groups, I can't see what those group pages look like for students and have to rely on them to help each other navigate the pages. While this is a great collaborative learning experience, it doesn't always fit into my course. 


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Simply make a "page lock override" button.  It would let us know the lock was there but would allow us to view the item we need.


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Hey Canvas!!!!

Have we gotten anywhere on this? It is a consistent issue for me and the workaround is troublesome as the class is year-long and always live. It has been 2 years and no ground has been covered, Seems like a simple fix in the big picture of development. 

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If assignments are in modules with prerequisites, clicking on "Student View" will often get the message "This assignment is part of the module Name and hasn't been unlocked yet." We need a way to do a student view without having to go through all of the prerequisites. Especially if one of them is a quiz that you have to "score at least..." on.

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I'm here looking for a solution to the exact problem others have described. The solution of a button or prerequisites override would solve our problem. Sad to see that this has been an issue for almost 2 years now.

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