[Studio] Allow 1.25x speed for videos

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

With classes going online, it has been incredibly helpful to watch and rewatch lectures on my own time. However, especially in my current class, my professor talks quite slowly. I can easily become restless while rewatching lectures, and I often will speed up the video to 1.5x speed to keep my mind engaged.


However, while 1.5x is better than 1x, I sometimes get confused and lost. An option to play videos at 1.25x speed would be the perfect middle ground between 1x and 1.5x, significantly improving my studying process and allowing me to be more time efficient while staying engaged with the material.


While most other video streaming services (like YouTube) offer a 1.25x speed option, Canvas does not. I know this would be an incredibly simple addition, and yet it would offer a lot of value to my education. 


Thank you!


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I fully support this. Inclusive is the way t go and the 5 sec rewind will be extremely useful for all.

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Agree this would be really useful.

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Seems like a simple thing to add if the playback speed control is already built in to the player, but would benefit lots of students and staff. Let's see this please!

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Very much agree with @mcgrae1 and fully support his request for a more inclusive range of playback speed options. 
I do teach some of my classes in Spanish (mostly to English speakers) and many of my students would find this feature very useful. 


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This would be really useful. Great idea. Hope it happens before September when the students are back. 🙂

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Yes, pretty please for this feature.

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any update on this feature? is this even being considered? it's been almost 2 years now..

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I also really want the 1.25x speed. YouTube has this speed feature, and I am finding that for many of my lecture videos embedded in Canvas the 1x is too slow and 1.5x is too fast.

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Yes the sooner Canvas adds this, the more student engagement there will be. Also, having 1.25x speed will reduce the number of lectures that professors post on Youtube because Youtube has that feature already.

1.25x speed is usually the sweet spot for many lectures I watch.

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Some videos have an option to change playback speed, but most do not. Would really appreciate that feature across the board. As a student with ADHD, I really struggle to stay engaged with anything at 1x.