[Studio] Formula / Equation Editor

I would like the ability to add formulas/equations into my questions in the Canvas Video Studio.

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YES! We math teachers NEED!

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Canvas Studio is a wonderful feature that we are very excited about having.  Canvas has always been a very math friendly product. It would be wonderful to get the equation editor option in the quiz questions when creating a canvas studio quiz. 

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Math and Science teachers find it very difficult to add math symbols, expressions, equations, and pictures while creating a Studios quiz in Canvas. It will be highly appreciated if these features will be added to the studios' quiz options

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When creating video quizzes from Studio, the math editor is unavailable. The tool is basically unusable if you want to type any kind of complicated math. The Equatio extension's Latex copy formatting does not come out correctly either.

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YES please add equation editor so we can type in math symbols and equations.  EdPuzzle was awesome and I really miss it right now.

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This is huge.  Here is feedback from some teachers:

EdPuzzle over Studio:

  • more question types (currently Studio only has T/F or Multiple choice)

  • free response answers; students can respond with audio (very helpful for accessibility)

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We have so many math teachers that would love to use Studio with videos like Khan academy. Because math formulas and equations aren't available, they're not able. 

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Math teachers would love to use Studio but without math formulas and equations they look to other products. Please add more question types to Studio.