[Theme Editor] Dark Theme/Dark Mode for Canvas

Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and the bright white light from Canvas can hurt their eyes. The main reason why I want it is because it would look better on my computer. Youtube and Google have these options, why not Canvas? Thank you for reading!


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While we are not able to announce that this idea has been completed, it is important to celebrate that Dark Mode has been added to Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent. (2022-07-05)

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Yes please! Literally the only iOS app I use that doesn’t have dark mode at this point, and since I’m so used to dark mode on my other apps using Canvas is just so jarring and makes it feel old and unintuitive.

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Canvas should really consider adding a "Dark Theme/Mode" as pretty much every website at this point has one. It really helps me focus a lot better having a dark environment.

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Maybe incorporate a dark mode or theme maker? The brightness hurts my eyes.

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We still need dark mode!

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Yes this idea is so essential for everyone's experience on Canvas as a whole! I have discussed with my friends about this, and we have always pondered about this idea ever since most apps/websites (social media, Quizlet, etc.) include a night feature. In the end its a win-win for all of us, so please include it. Thank you. 

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Students who work late hours doing homework get blinded by the light mode of the app. It would be nice if there was an option for students to change to an oled dark mode so that it is easier to read. 🙂 thx

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Dark mode helps decrease the chance of having any eye strain and decreases the chance of dry eyes. 

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ADD a dark mode you are hurting your customers.

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Most students study late into the night, it would be very nice to have a dark mode as it would be easier on the eyes.