[Theme Editor] Dark Theme/Dark Mode for Canvas

Hello all! I am a student, and I am here to suggest an idea that I thought would make Canvas more personalized. I think a dark theme would be great for Canvas since some students like to stay up at night (not me), and the bright white light from Canvas can hurt their eyes. The main reason why I want it is because it would look better on my computer. Youtube and Google have these options, why not Canvas? Thank you for reading!


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While we are not able to announce that this idea has been completed, it is important to celebrate that Dark Mode has been added to Canvas Student, Canvas Teacher, and Canvas Parent. (2022-07-05)

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I hope the Canvas team is working on adding an internal Dark Mode option to its product. I use dark mode on many other programs. So while others have already made dark mode as a standard available option, unfortunately Canvas has not. I definitely give this an upvote.

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Well that could be there temporary solution for now ^_^ Thanks

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Please implement a Dark Mode! I have very sensitive eyes and must look at screens all day. I currently have to use a Chrome Extension to inject CSS code to prevent headaches and severe eye strain. This requires constantly changing the CSS code to ensure everything is visible.

Please please PLEASE consider implementing a Dark Mode!

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Of the above-listed options, Dark reader is the best in my opinion. it has a dynamic option which does the best in keeping the core design of the website intact, making everything visible, and extremely easy to turn it on and off on specific websites.

The only con is that the dynamic mode can be quite taxing on some systems, and will generally slow down the performance of the website. Still, that is much, MUCH better than dealing with headaches or dealing with terrible looking web interfaces.

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When we tested Dark Mode for the UI elements, some were hard to read because they are not optimized for Dark Mode.

Dark Mode

Some UI elements don't appear correctly in Dark Mode, but the setting description looks OK.

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Dark Reader works great! Thanks for the tips. It makes a world of difference with my migraines.  

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Would love to see the darkmode!

As a student, there is often late nights, so would be nice to get both the app and the website a bit dimmed down on these late nights. And especially since i'm from Norway, there is way less light here in the winter, so this is a wish from me and my fellow students 😊 

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Upvote this idea. In a world of virtual teaching and learning, the strain on the eyes and brain needs to be heavily considered.

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This is an important accessibility issue--why has it not been addressed after two years??

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Hello - I teach at and art and design college and one of my students requested this dark mode for canvas, and I completely agree. The nature of art and design work requires a lot of screen time and this dark mode would provide important eye strain relief for our students who are prone to migraines. Thanks!