[To Do] Disable the To Do List

I want students to work from the Modules and complete work in the order on the Module.  This ensures student learning progresses in a sound pedagogical order.  The student To Do list completely sabotages student learning.  If they click on an assignment on the To Do list without doing all the preparatory pages and information I have listed, in order, on the Module, they are not properly prepared or reinforcing their learning.


I have to put big red words to asking them NOT to work from the TO DO list, but some students will take the short cut anyway.  


Also, the student To Do list takes up too much screen real estate.  This right frame is completely counter-productive and unnecessary. 


Please put in a feature where the instructor can control or disable the student To Do list.

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I completely agree! With Canvas being used so much right no win K-12 pubic education, we should have an option to disable this feature.

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I'm teaching 7 year olds and they click everything!!!! Please make the to do list go away.  They are clicking into lessons they've already done and checking off things they haven't done thinking they're done.  My district decided this would be a good platform for all grade levels, they were wrong.  I can't even imagine how kindergarten is going.

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Please give teachers the option to disable the to-do list...way too confusing for my 3rd graders. 

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As a student I don't disagree with your logic; I do however, disagree with the idea. As someone working full time, buying/remodeling a home, taking care of animals, and a full-time student this "to-do list" saves me from forgetting assignments. Giving the teacher the option to put their "to do" list in order, or for an assignment not to show up until the pre-requisites have been met is by far more appropriate. Removing a valuable asset instead of fixing it would be a complete disservice to students. 

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The To-Do list has been causing a lot of difficulty for students in hybrid and remote model. The option to disable the to-do list for students is necessary for good instructional practice. Please move this idea forward.

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I get that it's convenient to be able to see all the stuff that needs to be done.  However, I'm seeing a bunch of items of the To Do list like past exams/assignments that are showing up on the list before the new "due" assignments.  Seems pretty useless to have a  "To Do" list telling you to do things you have already done or don't need to do!! Pretty useless if you ask me!

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Yes! Please, for the love of children, make it possible to disable the 'to do' list. It's not working with distance learning and hybrid teaching. Many teachers already set up a checklist for the day. I have found that no matter what some students try to get an assignment off of the 'to do' list, it just won't happen.

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Please allow us to have, or have not with the to-do list. We should be able to curate, and edit the to-do list as we see fit, or deactivate it like any other section. When scaffolding as one should do, the to-do list wrecks havoc. If it is a hybrid class, or in person limited assignments work, but with mini-lectures etc. the to-do list becomes very confusing. Why would we not be able to control the to do list for our own class. Could it be that enterprise software never has to be good enough to pass public muster, just good enough to get a sweet heart deal with an old college drinking buddy who holds a statewide office? 

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Yes, please!! I would love to disabled the "coming up" also! There's way too much for my students to get distracted by. Parents are confused by the list as well. I want them to just work through the modules as I have buttons on my page directing them where to go. I teach 2nd graders and this is just too much for them.

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I'd also like the ability to disable this feature.  Decisions about what students should do should be up to instructors and students themselves, not Canvas's AI.