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Image Mapping as a Homepage (AKA Multi Link Image)

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Image Map Link:

Image Map Tool - On-line Image Map Creator - HTML & CSS | 

Attached below are some test files for you to toy with before mapping your own pictures.

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Community Team
Community Team

This is fascinating,  @jnassif ‌, and I can envision plenty of applications for it! I noticed that you captured absolute URLs for each of the pages to which you linked in the course. Have you had a chance to test what happens to those links upon course copy? In other words, using this approach, do you recommend creating a new image map for each new iteration of the course?

Community Team
Community Team

...and as I got further into my inbox, I realized that you've also posted this as a blog post. So that we can keep comments unified in a single thread, I'm going to re-post my question under your blog post and lock this discussion for additional activity. Everyone, please navigate to Image Mapping for a Homepage (aka Image with Multi Links) to post your comments.