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Importing Quizzes from word docs into Canvas Quizzes

Hello to the Canvas community. I was wondering if there is a way to import Quizzes from a Word document into Canvas Quizzes. I am aware of Respondus.  That program is very dated and I have had a lot of issues with it not working right. There is a new Beta Quiz LTI however, it doesn't allow me to import the Quiz unless its a QTI format. I have tried every way I know to try and bring the info from the Quiz Word documents in with the Quiz LTI and cannot seem to get it to function right. Currently instructors are manually creating or copying their quiz questions into Canvas which, seems tedious. Is there a better way to do this process? Any info from the community would be helpful..

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Yeah, I found that not even a Respondus QTI file will import properly ( ).

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I have not tried it in this context, but in the past I have used quiz generator sites (like this and this) to turn a Word doc into a quiz bank for Blackboard. Since Canvas will import Bb quiz files (right?), this might be a workaround. Would love to know if anyone tries it.

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 @david_summer , I did some checking around and as of right now this isn't on the road map for the new quizzing tool. My recommendation is to comment and vote on this feature idea - 

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I've seen a lot of threads on other issues here but it seems nothing has really been resolved. Just us faculty commenting and requesting back and forth. Can someone from Canvas let us know if this function is available?


Here are directions on what @Joseph Clark is referring to.  I haven't tried it, but plan to in the upcoming days.  I will try to update after trying it.

Thank you. I will try this next week. Crossing my fingers.

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Hi, i use this site to convert my word doc quizzes into qti and import that into canvas. Huge time saver, hope this will help you too!