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Paper Pumpkin - Going Green with Groups

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The obvious benefit of Canvas for assignments is the “green” benefit of going paperless for papers, assignments, tests, and quizzes. A feature which has been used in some of our Psychology and Counseling courses are group assignments. It is great to have the ability to make groups, give them their assignment and then simply distribute the group grade to all students in the group from the one uploaded assignment. Another neat assignment feature that can be set up is the graded group discussion which allowed all the students to see each other’s uploaded presentations (the option to allow file attachments to a discussion has to be enabled) and gain access to the variety of subject material shared. The feature also allows for grades to be added that reflect both the discussion of the presentation as well as the presentation itself.

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Community Team
Community Team

Anyone currently using group assignments in Canvas, or wanting to learn more, will want to check out the new CanvasLIVE "GROUPIES" series, kicking off this Tuesday, January 31, 2017 with GROUPIES: Group Assignments. RSVP “yes” if you will be there--and if you’re interested, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend in real time, RSVP "no" or "maybe" to receive all event updates. Your RSVP ensures that you will receive a notification should the event be cancelled or changed.