Real-World Applications: Bulk Publish/Unpublish

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With the new term starting in a variety of places, I wanted to highlight this week a recent feature that could be beneficial to you as an instructor, especially as it relates to efficiency and time saving strategies: Bulk Publish/Unpublish. This new feature has been a game changer for many instructors, and today, I want to walk you through some real-world applications and benefits I have heard from instructors like yourself. 



  • Time Saver- instructors no longer have to manually go through and publish/unpublish every individual item within a Module. 
  • Provides instructors with the ability to develop content and publish it when they feel confident it is ready to be student-facing. 
  • Allows instructors to better control the flow of the course and what students see, when instructors want them to see it. 


Real-World Applications: 

  • Before a course begins, instructors often want to let their students see course content like the syllabus but not the curriculum or engage in other course activities. This option allows instructors to keep all of their curriculum and activities unpublished until the term officially begins so students can see items like the syllabus but not other parts of the course.
  • When copying a Module full of content from one course to another, items often need to be edited before making it viewable to students. This functionality allows the instructor to bulk unpublish the Module so they can easily track updates and edits and Publish the content once the updates have been completed. 
  • It’s the start of a new term or school year, and you want to import or copy your course from last year into this year’s course but every Module comes in as Published. Instructors now have the ability to unpublish each Module at once and Publish the content as students are ready to receive that content/do not see content they shouldn’t be seeing. 
  • Instructors often like to build out content the week before during planning periods. This functionality allows instructors to build out their content and when the Module is complete and ready to go, they can bulk publish the content once the week begins. 
  • Unpublish content temporarily during high stakes exams. 
  • Asynchronous courses often like to publish all of their Modules at one time so students can work through the course at their own pace. This feature now allows this process to occur. 


For more information on this feature, refer to Product’s Release Screencast, Product Blogpost, or our Canvas guides. Additionally, our K12 CSMs created a fun take on the feature with this video


If you have other real-world applications, share them below! Happy Fall Start! 

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