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Digital Assistant: Canvas Skill for Alexa

Digital Assistant: Canvas Skill for Alexa

The Canvas Skill for Alexa makes it easy for you to access your information from your Canvas account with Alexa—without ever having to open Canvas.




Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance your interaction with Alexa. The Canvas Skill for Alexa requires an Amazon account and a supported Alexa device.

  • By enabling this skill and associating it with your Canvas account, this skill will be available on all your Alexa devices.
  • The Canvas skill can be linked to only one Canvas account at a time.
  • The skill is only available in the United States.


Canvas is an Alexa Skill that must be enabled through the Amazon Alexa mobile app.

To enable the Canvas skill in the Alexa app:

  1. Open the sidebar and access the Skills page.
  2. Search for Canvas as a skill.
  3. Click or tap the Enable button, then follow the prompts to link a Canvas account.

To disable the skill or unlink a Canvas account from the skill, learn more about enabling Alexa skills.


Use the Canvas skill to ask Alexa questions:

  • “Alexa, what is my homework?”
  • "Alexa, what do I have due tomorrow?"
  • “Alexa, do I have any announcements from my school?” (returns course announcements only)

Account Security

If you have the Alexa mobile app, you can secure your account by setting up the Limit Access feature in the Skill Settings page. Enabling this feature will prompt you to create an Alexa voice profile and a personal voice code to get information from Alexa skills. When you request information from the Canvas skill, Alexa will use your voice and code to verify the request is coming from you. You can change this setting at any time in the Alexa app by entering your personal voice code.

Community Resources

Student Privacy

Normal usage of the Canvas Skill for Alexa does not violate student privacy laws or policies. For more details about student privacy, please see How we're protecting privacy with the Canvas Skill for Alexa.

Customer Feedback

Community feedback for the Canvas Skill for Alexa is welcome per Canvas Community Feedback Guidelines, which outlines general feedback, broken functionality, and feature enhancements.

Feature enhancement ideas can be searched for and submitted in Idea Conversations.