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Siri Shortcuts: Canvas Student App

Siri Shortcuts: Canvas Student App

As a student, Siri Shortcuts allows you to quickly check your grades from any Canvas course in the Canvas Student app. You can easily record a personal phrase that can be used to ask Siri to immediately open the Grades page for a specific course.


Note: Siri shortcuts can only be used to open a course's Grades page in the Student app.




Siri Shortcuts can only be used on devices that use iOS 12 or later. This lesson does not include any functionality that is part of iOS 13, which is currently in beta.



Siri Shortcuts can be set up from your device settings.


Depending on your device, you may also be able to create a Siri shortcut by tapping the Add to Siri button that displays when viewing the Grades page for a course. If this button displays in your course, tap the button and skip to the Record Shortcut step below.



Open Siri & Search Settings


iOS Device Settings


In your device settings, tap the Siri & Search link.


Open Shortcuts


Siri Settings


Suggested Siri shortcuts for the Student app may display in the Suggested Shortcuts section [1]. To set up a suggested shortcut, tap the Add icon [2].


To view all shortcut options, tap the All Shortcuts link [3].


Add Shortcut




To view Student app shortcuts, find the Student section [1]. To create a shortcut, tap the Add icon next to the shortcut you want to create [2]. Shortcuts will display for any courses where you have viewed the Grades page in the Student app.


Note: If a course doesn't display in the Shortcuts page, open that course's Grades page in the Student app.


Record Shortcut


Record Shortcut

To begin recording a shortcut, tap the Record button. Then record a personalized phrase that you can use for the shortcut.


Confirm Shortcut


View or Edit Shortcut

View your shortcut [1]. If the shortcut displays incorrectly, tap the Edit link to view other options [2].


To confirm the shortcut, tap the Done link [3].


View Shortcut


My Shortcuts


View your shortcut.



To use your shortcut, access Siri by saying "Hey, Siri" or pressing the Home button, then repeating your Siri shortcut. The Canvas Student app will then open directly to the Grades page of the course that matches the Siri shortcut.


Siri shortcuts can be edited or deleted from the My Shortcuts page.


Note: You can manage how Siri is accessed on your device from the Siri & Search settings on your device.



Community Resources

Future Enhancements

Any enhancements to Siri Shortcuts will be included in future releases as indicated in Release Notes: Mobile.


Customer Feedback

Community feedback for Siri Shortcuts is welcome per Canvas Community Feedback Guidelines, which outlines general feedback, broken functionality, and feature enhancements


For Siri Shortcuts, feature enhancements should include the siri tag. Before submitting a new idea, please review all existing Siri feature ideas.