Assignment Available Until X:XX time not on mobile

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On Canvas's Desktop website there is an "Available until XXX time" under the due date for the assignment, but does not have this feature on mobile. I had issues with uploading an image so I did my best to recreate what I see on the desktop website. 


Due   Monday by 2:30pm         Points   100          Submitting   a file upload

Available    until Mar 18 at 3:45pm


The underlined text is only available on the desktop version of the website and I can't understand why it is not available on mobile. This is critical information as a student, and I feel I am forced to waste my time and sign into the desktop version instead of being able to open the app. Additionally, I feel that I am fortunate enough to have a laptop that I can easily open Canvas on, but for people only using mobile (like on an iPad) they have to go through extra annoying steps to find this information.