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I am required to upload a self recorded introduction and don't seem to be having any luck. We can perform this using the canvas mobile app but I do not know if I have access in canvas to upload a media file. It seems that I am logged in but when searching in assignments i do not know where or how to upload my file. Please assist me!

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Community Coach

One way to get to an assignment using the mobile app is to look for it on the Grades page. Tap on the assignment name and at the bottom is a button to submit. Instructions on how to view grades on an iOS device are on a page in the Canvas Guides:

How do I view Course Grades in the Student app on my iOS device?

There is another document for Android devices:

How do I view Course Grades in the Student app on my Android device?

There are also documents on how to submit media files to assignments:

It's also important to let your instructor know!

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