Building, editing, running, and facilitating courses on an iPad? Doable?

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I mostly work on my personal MacBook Pro and my company's Windows laptop. I'm inundated with tech in my house and work remotely, and was thinking of grabbing an iPad and getting a good deal by trading in the MacBook to do it, because I can technically do all of my work on my company laptop. But I was wondering how the Canvas platform runs and how manageable it is to work with and edit with on an iPad. I'm working web-hosted anyway with Canvas, so I imagine it's fairly compatible, but I've ever actually edited, built, or managed courses in Canvas or Catalog on an iPad, and I'm a little scared to assume it's going to function well. Again, I can (and should) use my Windows work laptop, so it's not going to be a huge issue either way, but was wondering if anyone here has used Canvas or edited/built courses on iPad regardless and what your experience has been like.

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