Canvas keeps freezing/crashing when I open the calendar tab.

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Whenever I open canvas it is completely fine until i press the calendar icon. Nothing is responding, it is basically frozen. I tried reinstalling and restarting my iPad. I am using an iPad and using Canvas Student.

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Hello @TorreyTruong 

The first step I would recommend would be 's suggestion. We have some guides on how to clear your cache and cookies, depending on the browser

How do I clear my browser cache on a Mac?

How do I clear my browser cache on a PC?

If you have done this, and are still seeing the problem, I would suggest switching browsers. Canvas Support generally recommends Chrome or Firefox. While Safari is also supported, that browser can run into issues with different aspects in Canvas. Please, also make sure your browser is up to date. 

Secondly, I would also suggest Oliver69's idea for turning off calendars that you no longer need to view. If you are still seeing problems with the Calendar after these steps, I would recommend contacting Support. 


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