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I am troubleshooting a parent account and it appears that when they log in they are missing one course on their phone through the Canvas Parent app. 
*The student can see the course, the parent can't
*Removed and re added student 
*Logged out of app and logged back in
*Uninstalled app and re installed
*If logged into a different device the course shows up just not on the phone they are using.


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Community Team

Hi @Jamesflo,

Couple ideas:

1. If the observer is able to see the course using another device, this may not apply, but I'll add this just in case. You may want to verify the observer has favorited the course (otherwise it won't show up in their Courses list or Dashboard). To do that, have the observer log into the web version of Canvas, click Courses in Global Navigation, click the All Courses link, locate the course, and click the star icon to favorite the course. 

2. Verify the observer's mobile OS is up to date. 

Hope those ideas help. If it's still not working, I'd recommend reaching out to Canvas Support for further assistance. 


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