Due Dates Differ between Website and App

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I have a request from an instructor that received a dispute from a student on the due date of an assignment. In Canvas on the Web, the assigment shows due by 11:59pm and it looks like the app rounds this time up to the next hour. Is this a known issue. Is there a way for the app to reflect the correct due date and time without rounding up?

Here are the screenshots to student sent to the instructor. Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 12.35.50 PM.png2021-03-29T19_22_52.917Z (1).jpg

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@lms_jsblack2 , is the app rounding, or is the student's phone in a different timezone from where the class is taking place? Here is the verbiage I toss into my course tour: 

When considering due dates on the calendar or anywhere else in Canvas, it is crucial to note that all due dates are in Mountain Time. The Canvas mobile app will automatically adjust due dates to your time zone. For example, if a due date is on March 3 11:59 Mountain Time, and you travel to Texas, the app will knock your due date an hour ahead and into the next day at March 4 1:59 AM Central Time, which is 1 o'clock in the morning. If you are in a time zone other than Mountain Time, be sure to account for the time zone difference to avoid late penalties.

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