Why are embedded images working on web, but not student app

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I am trying to use the “student” mobile app on ipad. The website lets me upload and view images, and everyone can see them. This is both my images and those of other students. In the app I can view my images under “files”, the issue is for all uploaded images.

But when I go to view the “show your work” topic, the images are just an empty square to the size of image, no actual picture. The file name is to the top right, its like it just didn’t download the image data.

Same issue with the teacher images.

I am pretty tech savvy ( I do web development, debug and programming ), but don’t see any settings. Assuming its just a bug, perhaps something with the district? Or some accessibility feature.

Going to files I can see all the images. I can also use the website version instead of the app.