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Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS 1.25)

Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS 1.25)

In Canvas Teacher 1.25, anonymous discussions are supported and comments are hidden for students on discussions with availability dates. Additionally, teachers can bulk publish all modules and individual module items and a Mastery Connect link is available in the User menu.

Canvas iOS app version updates are distributed in a phased rollout, which distributes the update to all users enrolled in automatic updates over time. The features in these notes may not immediately be available, but iOS users can manually update the app at any time in the iTunes Store. The Canvas Teacher iOS App requires iOS 15.0 or later.

New Features


Anonymous Discussions Supported

Teachers can open and reply to anonymous discussions.

Note: Anonymous discussions are only supported when the Discussion/Announcement Redesign feature option is enabled.

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Anonymous Discussion ViewAnonymous Discussion View

Teachers can view and reply to anonymous discussions.



Comments Hidden When Availability Dates are Set

In Discussions, if availability dates are set in the future, students are unable to view any comments until the earliest availability date. Previously, comments made by the teacher were visible even when the discussion was locked.

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Publish and Unpublish

In Modules, instructors can bulk publish all modules or individual modules. Additionally, instructors can publish and unpublish individual module items.

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Modules Options MenuModules Options Menu

In Modules, tap the Options icon.

Bulk Publish Module OptionsBulk Publish Module Options

Instructors can choose to bulk publish all modules by selecting Publish All Modules and Items [1], Publish Modules Only [2], or Unpublish All Modules and Items [3].

Note: The bulk Unpublish Module Only option is available in Canvas web version only.

Bulk Publish Confirmation MessageBulk Publish Confirmation Message

After making a selection, a confirmation displays for each bulk publish option.

Publish Individual Module OptionsPublish Individual Module Options

Instructors can choose to bulk publish individual modules using the Options icon and select Publish All Modules and Items [1], Publish Modules Only [2], or Unpublish All Modules and Items [3].

Individual Publish/Unpublish OptionIndividual Publish/Unpublish Option

Individual module items can also be published or unpublished using the Options icon.

Note: If the publish icon does not display as opaque, instructors cannot change the module or module item status.


Module Item Progress IndicatorModule Item Progress Indicator

A progress indicator displays while module items are publishing or unpublishing.

Bulk Action Progress IndicatorBulk Action Progress Indicator

When publishing or unpublishing items in bulk, a progress indicator displays. When the action is complete, tap Done [1].

Note: Progress will continue in the background when tapping the Dismiss icon [2].

User Menu

Mastery Connect Link Available

In the User Menu, a Mastery Connect Link is available leading to the Mastery Connect Tracker page.

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Mastery Connect LinkMastery Connect Link

Teachers can access Mastery Connect in the User Menu.

Change Log


Added bulk action progress indicator image for Module update.


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