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7/7 Deploy - Change to sorting on Settings > Sections

I noticed today that the rosters under the Sections screen are now following a different sort algorithm. I don't see any mention of this in the 7/7 deploy notes but from the timing I assume it was part of yesterday's deploy. I personally find this change more cumbersome from the prior organization which sorted users by role. I'm now seeing

  • Teachers are listed at the top of the list instead of the bottom (this I do like)
  • Below teachers, students and observers are mingled together and not in any particular order. I see last name D, then last names R, then C, then V. (this I don't like).

We're K12 so every student is linked to at least one observer. For a teacher, the lack of alphbetization and mixing of students with parents makes it impossible to go through their sections and identify errors on their roster from this screen. As an admin, when I clean up course rosters or remove one section entirely, I only need to remove students as the linked observers are automatically dropped from the course when their student is removed. I could quickly scroll to the student listings on the page an rapidly delete each record, now I have to hunt and peck through the screen to pick students from observers.

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Community Team
Community Team


We aren't immediately seeing a connection between this and anything in yesterday's deploy, and we'd like to review the new behavior you've described. Have you already initiated a case with Canvas Support? If you have, would you provide the case number, and If you haven't, would you open one and let us know? Thanks.

Community Champion

@Stefanie I was off for a few days. I just submitted a ticket this afternoon (07774106 )