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Admin seeking suggestion: How can faculty create test Student account, but not create multiple accounts?

New Canvas Admin coming from Blackboard.  In Blackboard, faculty had the ability to create a user_s account that was auto-added into the student role via a 3rd party Building Block.  They could also manage their passwords.

In a perfect world, we'd like this exact capability

  • manage their own password
  • auto-enrolled into their course
  • separate _s login

But I'm all ears for anything similar.  We do not want the faculty to use the +People, as they could invite other faculty who do not yet have Canvas accounts and we need legitimate faculty to be authenticated through SAML.  We also don't want them to +People for auditors.  Preferably, they only need to create a single test student account for themselves.

Note: Student view is ok, but turns out faculty want more of a real student view to help with screenshots and even LTI testing.

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