All Students Can See Quiz; Some Students Cannot See Questions

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I have a quiz that is published, in a published module set to choose 20 questions from a question group. I can see the questions in 'preview' mode/student view.

I have some students who have taken the quiz and could see the questions. I have a few students who can see the quiz, click start and then see no questions or next button. (It is set to show one question at a time). There is only a 'Submit Quiz' button.

(I'm the tech coach trying to help the teacher figure this out. Since she has it set for unlimited attempts, I went ahead and clicked the 'submit quiz' button. I then hit the 'Take the Quiz Again' button and could see the questions for all 3 students.) I decided to submit the question anyway because this submit and get a zero/take the quiz again won't work on a test without unlimited attempts. Any ideas on what could have caused the issue?

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