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Assigning a personalised (not randomised) quiz for each student

I am looking to set a quiz for my students where each student is allocated a different company to value.  This can't be randomised.  I have list of student company pairs and the questions that relate to the companies will be slightly different for each student.  I know that I can randomised questions but that could result in the same company being allocated to two students.  The solutions I have considered are:

  • Setting up a google doc with the list of student numbers and associated company names and questions but I am bit concerned about privacy issues. 
  • Creating a different quiz for each student but that is very time consuming
  • Going outside canvas and sending a email to each student
  • I could randomise the quiz if I was certain that once a company was assigned it wasn't reused.

Any ideas on how this could be managed within canvas?




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Hello @kath2000 !

I understand that you would like to provide a quiz with individualized questions for each student, because each student will be evaluating a different company. However, you do not want to randomize the questions as you don't want the chance of students being assigned the same company to evaluate. 

If you would like to provide individualized questions for each student, we would recommend that you create individual quizzes within Canvas and assign them to individual students. I recommend that you do this because it is not possible to just assign some quiz questions to students and not to others. All questions in a Canvas quiz are accessible to all students who take the quiz.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a feature that would otherwise accommodate your request. If you would like to see this implemented in Canvas, I highly recommend that you submit a feature request How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community?