Assignment Dashboard for submitting assignments through canvas does not show the submission button- I cannot subit my assignment.

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For my first assignment, Canvas's Assignment Dashboard/Upload buttons do not show the submission button- I can choose to upload the assignment, but it won;t let me submit it.  Same problem using Firefox and on Chrome- resizing won't help.  I suspect it won't let me scroll down far enough to see the submit button within the page- no scroll bars visible.

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As @dhulsey  mentioned, if the teacher changes it to "open in new tab," that should fix it. Meanwhile, if you Zoom out on your browser enough, it will get small enough for the Submit button to appear. Do CONTROL-MINUS to Zoom out. (Then, once you've clicked "Submit" you can put it back to normal by doing CONTROL-PLUS or CONTROL-ZERO to get back to 100%).

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