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Assignment Submission - Option to submit is missing....

Hoping someone may have a resolve or guidance for me!

It was discovered in one of our courses there had been 2 modules created for the same assignment.

After undertaking checks, we were able to delete one of the modules, ensuring that all students who had submitted their assessments were still there to be marked.

Now, the rubric and the option to upload the assessment is no longer within the module section (attached screen shot), however the assignment can be uploaded by going directly to assignment on the Global Nav bar.

Does anyone know why this would have occurred and if it can be fixed? Just causing some confusion with students, however I will advise them to go to the Assignment Nav bar to upload this particular assessment.

Thank you!

Leisa - RTO Administration Support Officer

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Here is the screen shot


Students will need to open the assessment in order to submit or view rubrics. There is no option to upload assessments from "Modules" page.

If the assessment was removed from the module, you can always add it back by clicking on the "+" on the module title


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Hi @jerry_nguyen

Thank you for your reply.  I understand there is no option for students to upload assessments into modules. Some of our students will however will navigate to modules first, then click on the assessment, which then takes them to the assessment area to upload.

If you have a look at my screen shot you will see what I mean about how within the module, there is no longer any content or option to upload any.


Kind regards



Did you mean the "+" button to add assessment or other items to the module?

As I can see from the screenshot, you're accessing the course as a student?