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Assignment Submission error

We have a query related to canvas. Now a days, we are receiving messages form students saying that they are seeing a ‘Submit failed’ message on canvas when they try to submit their assignments. They could submit the assignments on later day.

Please let us know what could be the cause and how to avoid the error.

Mrinalini K 


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Generally, I expect this to be either a busy server or a weak signal for the student's wifi.  For almost all problems I suggest to my students that they make a point of "plugging in" rather than working off wifi, using a computer rather than a mobile device, clearing their browser's cached pages, and to try again in an hour or so (rather than the next day).  If all that fails, I ask my students to contact canvas support and work with them directly to resolve the issue.  (I also ask that they email a copy of what they were trying to submit, so that I can confirm they finished on-time.)

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